Around New England: Kamp Dog – New London, CT

I was attending a court case at New London Superior Court in Connecticut. (I was not on trial.) This meant a week of lunches. Though I thought I would end up wandering a little during the hour recess and eating here and there, things changed after day one. In fact, I have no picture from day one because I had not intended to write about my lunches in New London. Below I share my day-by-day account of the days I spent at Kamp Dog.
Kamp Dog
Day one: I asked the courthouse security guard where I could grab a quick bite to eat. He pointed me across the street to Kamp Dog. I had noticed it. I drove by it when I parked and I could see it through the courthouse window. I ordered a grilled cheese with ham that was ready in about two minutes. Sadly I didn’t get to eat it. They gave it to an old lady who was sitting with her husband next to me. He had ordered food but she hadn’t. That didn’t stop her from enjoying my sandwich. About fifteen minutes later the issue was resolved and I got my sandwich. It was good with a lot of ham, but I wasn’t sure if that was just because they messed up the order. Looking back I think they just put a lot of ham on things. It was also on day one that I saw a review hung on the wall from Joe and Ann Pollack, the famous Post-Dispatch critic. It was then that I decided I would have to write about Kamp Dog.

Day two: Back for more and inspired by Joe’s review I ordered a chili dog. This was probably the best thing I ate all week. The hot dog was grilled on the flat top for a little extra flavor as was the new England style bun. The chili had big chunks of tomato, no beans and a slightly sweet flavor. Too often chili dogs have way too much chili. Kamp dog had just the right amount, never a chili-free bite but no bowl of chili left on your plate at the end. It was so good, in fact, that at this point I decided I would do a whole week of Kamp Dog.
Day three: I wanted to get there early for breakfast, but that didn’t happen, so I just got breakfast for lunch in the form of the Porker. This is quite the sandwich, two eggs, cheese, and every pig product they sell but the hot dogs. There was plenty of ham, three or four strips of bacon, and a sausage patty. It was served on a large bun and while I didn’t think I could eat the whole thing I did. Kamp Dog is only open till three but serves breakfast till then so if you go there is no reason to stick with lunch.
The Porker
Day four: I was starving on day four so I went with a burger and fries. The problem was they forgot my fries. To me the joy of a burger and fries is eating them, side by side. Getting my fries ten minutes after my burger was a bummer. The fries weren’t that great anyway. I have had much worse, but I wouldn’t order them again. There were a ton of them, but they were under salted. They tasted a lot like my homemade potato chips only without salt. The burger was good, inspired now by the porker, I had it topped with bacon and egg. My only complaint was that the yolk was cooked through, depriving me of the runny gold I adore.
Day five: My last meal. I ordered a grilled corned beef and Swiss on rye. It was like a Ruben without the sauerkraut or dressing, the two best parts. The corned beef was a little chewy and overall it was improved with a little mustard. The real treat of the day was unexpected. I was brought a chili Fritos, which is a small bag of Fritos with chili and cheese dumped into the bag. Sounds gross, really awesome. I got it for free which made it even better, but I would have paid for it everyday if I had known better. If there was one thing that would send me back it’s this.
Kamp Dog is a greasy spoon. At most places like this, food is hit or miss. Here it’s not all great, but it’s all good. So if you ever find yourself in New London, CT or traveling down I95 at noon, stop in for a quick bite and don’t skip the chili Fritos.

Kamp Dog
15 Broad Street
New London, CT 06320

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