quick bite: Ma Magoo’s – Buffalo Chicken

If I were going to leave Boston forever and never come back and had time for just one meal before I left, I would eat at Ma Magoo’s.  I don’t care if the meal was free; I would rather pay eight dollars for their buffalo chicken sub than get a free tasting menu at L’Espalier or O Ya.  I love Ma Magoo’s. I have, as a grown man, requested it as my birthday lunch.  When I worked a half hour away, one of the guys I worked with used to bring back subs every time he had to go to Boston for the day.  There is no taste like it, anywhere.
Buffalo Chicken Sub
I eat three things at Ma Magoo’s: buffalo chicken fingers, a buffalo chicken sub, and buffalo chicken pizza.  I am sure that they have many other wonderful things to eat there but I would have to go everyday for a month to be willing to pass up their buffalo chicken.  The chicken is hand battered, not processed, and deep-fried.  It’s plump and juicy with a perfect batter to chicken ratio. The fingers are drenched in a tangy, slightly sweet buffalo sauce.  There is heat but it is in the medium range, not too hot. I like my sub with lettuce, American cheese, and honey mustard.  If you have never put honey mustard on buffalo chicken, you need to, but I wouldn’t start at Ma Magoo’s.  Theirs is far too good and you would be disappointed for the rest of your life.  It is a very sweet with a yellow mustard base.  The flavor is mild allowing the sweetness to come through and the consistency is very thin for mustard, but with a stickiness you would expect from honey.
Honey Mustard
MaMagoo’s looks like any other sub shop in the Boston. Inside, however, they make one of the best foods I have ever found.   I don’t know if I will live the rest of my life in Boston, but I hope they let me come back and eat the buffalo chicken at Ma Magoo’s.

6 Concord Lane
Cambridge, MA 02139


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