quick bite: Bondir Concord lunch burger

I got an email from Bondir Concord letting me know that they started serving lunch and two days later I was there. It is hard to imagine a restaurant in Concord Center not being open to serve all the summer tourists, so I think this is a good move. I decided to get the burger, because first, I was starving, and second, it seems like the least Bond style food I can imagine. See their regular menu and you will quickly understand what I mean. When I got it, the Bondir burger was described as Berkshire burger, Vermont cheddar, toasted sesame roll, remoulade, caramelized onions, vegetable pickles, vinegar chips. This is a change from the first version I saw that omitted the remoulade and the caramelized onions. Though I didn’t try the earlier model, the additions were wonderful. The onions were under the burger on the bottom bun. The remoulade was on the top bun with fresh crisp red leaf lettuce between the burger and the sauce. The burger, which I ordered rare, was beefy and juicy. It was slightly smaller in diameter than a traditional burger, but also much thicker. This allowed for sear on a still rare burger. It was messy too, but the house-made bun was hearty and never got soggy despite the juices, onions, and remoulade.  All of these flavors come together to make a tremendous lunch. IMG_1231As noted, Bondir serves their burger with vegetable pickles (pickled vegetables) and vinegar chips. The chips are made in house and though I love the artificial flavor of commercial vinegar chips (yes not a normal food blogger favorite but I am what I am) these are much better. I also love pickled vegetables, and these were very good, but the vinegar on the vegetables was stronger than the flavor of the chips. I would welcome a different seasoning on the chips so that they stand out as you eat the vegetables. This is a fantastic, flavorful burger that I will eat again.  Jason Bond likes to change things up so I don’t expect it will remain the same for long. It might not even stay on the lunch menu, but while it is, I am going to take advantage of it and I’m sure for many of the summer tourists it will be a highlight of their visit.

Bondir Concord

24 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742


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  1. Sounds really good..worth a try..I’m liking that they do the veggie pickles..great idea..the burger looks juicy…I’m in !

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