WuBurger, WuChicken, WuBananaBread!

It’s a burger crazed world right now. From fast food to upscale, burgers are everywhere. At some point we are going to reach our limit, but clearly we haven’t yet because new burger joints keep popping up. One of the newest places to grab a burger is WuBurger in Woburn (pronounced Wu-Burn). WuBurger opened on September 8, in the old Mr. Charlie ‘s Ice Cream location, a small strip mall with a convenience store and a Dunkin Donuts.

Strawberry Frappe
Strawberry Frappe

Paying homage to its predecessor, WuBurger serves ice cream at a walk up counter. They have about thirty different flavors and nearly twenty different toppings. They get their ice cream from Richardson’s, which might just be the best on the North Shore. I tried the strawberry frappe (strawberry shake for people living outside of Boston) and it was excellent.

South End
South End

On my first trip, I tried a WuBurger single, the South End, and waffle fries with cheese and bacon. The winner of the group was the South End, a fried chicken sandwich on a sesame seed bun with Swiss cheese, lettuce, pickles, and honey mustard. It was absolutely wonderful. The chicken was plump and juicy, well seasoned and delicious. The toppings were a great compliment resulting in a well-balanced sandwich.

Waffle Fries with Cheese and Bacon

The burger and the waffle fries were not as successful. The waffle fries were just ok, but the cheese sauce was pretty bad. It had an off flavor and after a few bites I gave up on it and just ate the fries without any of the goop on them. The good news is I talked to the owner and he was already aware. He agreed and let me know they had already planned to change the cheese sauce very soon.

Single WuBurger
Single WuBurger

The WuBurger comes with lettuce tomato and American cheese. It’s topped with WuSauce, which is an onion mayo. You have a choice of potato bun or sesame seed. I went with the potato. They leave it attached at the bottom, the same way that Shake Shack does. In fact, the Shake Shack burger is the best comparison to the WuBurger. Head to head I’ll take WuBurger. Besides being local, it’s a little more beefy and juicy. The problem with the WuBurger on my first visit was proportion. The single just isn’t enough beef, but on my second visit I got the double. This is what they recommend. They recommended it to me on Twitter, there are signs recommending it, and I have heard them recommend it to people. Really was not a wise choice to ignore this recommendation. The double WuBurger is light years ahead of the single. I have a hard time understanding why they even sell a single. I’m sure some people want it, but if you don’t have a big enough appetite for the double order a hot dog.

Double WuBurger and Fries
Double WuBurger and Fries

On my second visit, I also tried the traditional fries which were also better. The regular fires are fresh and crispy. They are a medium thickness, a little bit bigger than McDonalds. They only come in one size, and it’s a generous serving. I would like there to be a small, not that that stopped me from eating them all. I just was filled up on a double and fries for the rest of the day.

WuBurger, South End, Waffle Fries
WuBurger, South End, Waffle Fries

On both visits the register staff seemed a little confused. They move a little slow and the line backed up. The managers were the complete opposite. Friendly and outgoing, they moved around the room checking on diners. When I suggested the single burger and cheesy waffle fries weren’t great, they quickly offered me free ice cream. I turned it down and a few minutes later a brownie and slice of banana bread were delivered to my table. I would have never gotten these otherwise and I would have really missed out.

Banana Bread
Banana Bread

At the register, there are brownies, banana bread, and cookies, all wrapped up grab-and-go style. I have never bought the baked goods at the counter of any restaurant. They always seem like a bad after thought, but at WuBurger they are special. The brownie is deeply chocolaty with a fudge like consistency. It was very rich and moist. The banana bread was the best I have ever had. That’s not any exaggeration. Whatever bread is in second place, isn’t even close. The owner said it was his mother’s recipe. She must be one good cook. This banana bread is just oozing with banana flavor. The consistency is closer to bread pudding than bread. On a second trip, there was only one piece, a butt end. It wasn’t as good, not as moist as it was on the first visit, but it was the end. I tweeted this out and they quickly offered a new slice from a fresh loaf on my next visit.

Banana Bread Butt
Banana Bread Butt

WuBurger is still in its infancy stage. There are, as there always are with new restaurants, some kinks to work out. However, the management is on top of their game. They care about the customer’s experience and are already making changes to improve what needs it. I don’t know how much room there is for another burger restaurant in an already crowded field, but I hope they last. Their double burger, their chicken, their frappes, and their banana bread are all excellent. I know it is going to be a regular stop for me.

880 Main Street
Woburn, MA 01801


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