tommy’s three: The best things I ate – week of July 24, 2016

Back to reality. This week was a little more ordinary compared to the past two weeks.  It’s not that I didn’t eat well, but there aren’t twenty dishes fighting to get into the top three spots.  There were a few things that were good, but just missed out.  The most notable was a veal sausage special at 80 Thoreau, the winner of last week’s best thing I ate. It was good, but the sausage was a little overpowered by liver and though I have no objection to eating heart, this one was a little tough.  Overall it was a good dish but just missed the top three. I also had Oreo ice cream with Jimmys (those are sprinkles for those of you who don’t live in Massachusetts, and I’m not sure it’s capitalized) at Bedford Farms, but another ice cream treat beat that out.  I had decent Chinese food at Joy Luck in Chinatown, but it wasn’t remarkable enough to get on the list. The three that did make it were:

3. Tuna Pizza from Karma in Andover
I go to Karma in Westford pretty often. My favorite dish there is tuna taco.  It isn’t a taco.  If you follow my pictures, you might have seen this dish.  It’s spicy tuna prepared table side, served on airy, crispy fried tortillas. Tuna pizza is as much pizza as tuna taco is a taco.  Like tuna taco it is served on fried tortillas.  Here the tuna is cut sashimi style placed on the tortilla and topped with olives, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, and mayonnaise. It’s not as good as tuna taco, but good enough to be the third best thing I ate this week.

2. Peach Frappe from Kimball’s Farm in Carlisle

Sorry. Very sorry. I don’t have a picture. You are going to have to trust me on this one.  I really did eat it. It really was amazing. Frappes are Massachusetts’ version of milk shakes, and it’s pronounced Frap.  Please don’t say it like in the McDonalds commercial. Any way, peach ice cream was listed as a featured flavor and I asked for a taste. They gave me a spoon with about three bites on it. This is a theme at Kimball’s, even their kiddie size is huge. It was so fresh and full of peaches and peach flavor.  I had spent the day whale watching in the sun and then walking around Boston so after a hot exhausting day, having this great peach frappe hit the spot.

1.  Lamb tips and summer succotash, homemade
Most of the ingredients in this dish, the lamb, the corn, the beans, the basil, the garlic, the tomato, came from Springdell Farms, so maybe I can’t take all the credit, but I did make it.  I love succotash, but I like to use string beans in place of lima beans. I sautéed onion and garlic, added some red pepper and beans, threw in a tomato and some fresh shucked corn, and finished it off with vinegar and fresh basil. It really came out delicious. The lamb I made simply, pan-fried in a combination of olive oil and butter and seasoned only with salt and pepper.  I really liked the lamb.  It had a more intense, gamey flavor.  I mean that in the best of ways.  Too often a piece of lamb can be too mild and almost taste like beef. This lamb had had been raised on a small local farm and I could tell that in every bite I ate. Great ingredients simply prepared made this the best thing I ate all week.


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  1. I’m a big fan of lamb when it’s done well. There’s this Arabic dish of lamb sauteed in tomato and onions that’s very good; I had it at home a lot as a kid. I think it’s a Gulf dish, but I can’t find any references to it online.

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