quick bite: Benjarong Thai Restaurant

I lost my neighborhood Thai restaurant about a year ago when the strip mall it was in was torn down.  Recently, I found a new neighborhood Thai restaurant in Acton. Benjarong Thai Restaurant, which also happens to be located in a strip mall,  has quickly become my go-to stop for good Thai food.  I have made a few stops there so far and the food has been consistently good.  The room is casual but clean and bright and the service is friendly. Benjarong is a great choice for easy, casual Thai food.

My favorite appetizer so far is called Golden Bags.  They are potatoes, onion, and peas stuffed in a wonton and deep fried.  Also good is the steamed Shu Mai and the Chicken Satay.  For entrees, a good choice is the Basil Fried Rice with shrimp and chicken, but it is slightly too oily.   Even better is the Emperor Chicken with a light breading and a sweet chili sauce. But what I highly recommend Chicken Kra Pow with a side of white rice.  It’s minced chicken in a slightly spicy garlic sauce with peppers, onions, and basil.  Then it’s topped with a fried egg.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.54.18 PM.png
Shu Mai
Golden Bags
Basil Fried Rice
Emperor Chicken
Kra Pow

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