Short Path Distillery

Short Path Distillery – Everett, MA

This week, we take a break from our gin of the week feature to focus on a gin maker. Short Path Distillery actually makes four different gins, their signature gin which is available year round and three seasonal gins.  But beyond gin, Short Path has a few rums, an ouzo, and a triple sec. They are also about to debut their first whiskey.  But perhaps the most exciting aspect of Short Path is their CSA, Community Supported Alcohol.

Copper Pot Stills

Every few months, they announce a special release.  Many of these have become available year round.  Others, like their London Dry Gin, came and went. Right now they are offering a Crème de Menthe 375 ml bottle for $16. Preorders are going on now and can be picked up on January 25.  This would be a great addition to your hot chocolate to get you through the next couple months of winter.

Tasting Room

The distillery is located in the “Fermentation District” in Everett, MA, just a few minutes north of Boston.  Near by are two breweries, Bone Up and Night Shift, an easy walk from Short Path if you are into beer. The tasting room is normally open Thursdays through Sundays and they offer tours each day.  The room is industrial.  You can see the copper pot stills from almost any seat in the house. There is exposed brick and block glass and metal folding chairs.  There are plenty of board games and a shuffleboard table. They don’t serve food, but you are welcome to bring your own or even have some delivered.


You don’t have to go on the tour to get a tasting.  They are happy to provide you samples of anything in stock.  There are about seven or eight available at any time, a couple gins, a couple rums, and a few others.The gold rum is a little to harsh for a sipping rum, but the triple sec is much better than your average orange mixer. Combine a tasting portion of each and you have your own off-the-menu cocktail to enjoy. Once you’ve tried them all and  found something you know you like, sit down and buy a cocktail.

Tasting Sized Gold Rum and Triple Sec

The Old Cuban uses their gold rum but omits the sparking wine for a non-alcoholic sparkling cider and neglects the bitters altogether which makes it a less complex and less interesting variation.  The Snow Day looks promising, mixing their rum and triple sec with “hot chocolate” and topping it with marshmallows, but the hot chocolate is chocolate sauce, a splash of cream, and hot water which falls a little flat and leaves the drink tasting pretty rummy.


A better direction is the gin and tonic flight.  You get three different gins, their signature, the current seasonal, and an out of season sample. They use Fever Tree tonic, so sit back and enjoy or just pick you favorite and skip the flight. The winter is delicious and will be featured here as next week’s gin of the week. They also  have a rather traditional Bees Knees cocktail, made with gin honey syrup and lemon and less traditional cocktails made with the seasonal gin.

Winter Gin and Tonic with a Rosemary Sprig

Before you go, be sure to grab a bottle of your favorite.  Most are available in full and half bottles and prices range anywhere from about $15 to $40.  You can also pick up glassware. Each of their bottles is adorned with a different bird and you can get the matching rocks glass or just get the glass that has the bird you like on it.


Short Path Distillery is worth a visit, but more importantly keep an eye out for new releases and seasonal changes in gin.   Next week we will discuss their Winter Gin, which you can try right now at the distillery, garnished with a sprig of rosemary in place of a lime.  Also, look for a quick bite update on the Crème de Menthe.

Short Path Distillery
71 Kelvin St. Unit 2
Everett MA, 02149






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