travel bite: cheeseburger sushi in NYC

In 2001, a hotdog cart appeared in Madison Square Park, a cart that launched the burger revolution called Shake Shack. That cart is long gone, and while the shack that now stands in the park is a must see for Shake Shack fantics, there is no need to travel to NYC to eat a ShackBurger. For a more unique burger experience walk a few hundred feet down 23rd St.

ROLLN is tiny, just about six feet wide. There is a long, high counter down one side and screens for ordering down the other. The menu is limited to eleven rolls. Many of them are familiar ones like spicy tuna and California, but on the sidewalk out front on a large sandwich board is a picture of their special roll with a single word written on it, “cheeseburger.”

ROLLN can’t lay claim to inventing cheeseburger sushi, but they do it very well. Nori and rice is rolled with a beautifully seasoned hunk of medium rare ground beef topped with gooey American cheese. The roll is left uncut making it easier to eat on the go. Unfortunately the housemate special sauce comes on the side, making it a little harder to eat on the go.

A delicious and filling snack for less than five dollars isn’t easy to come by in New York, so maybe ROLLN will be the next big thing in burgers or at least in fast food sushi. It’s a unique concept executed well that could easily work in other cities. Visitors to ROLLN today might be able to brag the way anyone who ate at that hot dog cart two decades that they were there at the beginning of the next big thing.


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  1. Hey, I missed your posts. Cheeseburger sushi is an interesting concept – I’ve never seen it before. NY and LA get that kind of stuff first; I guess I live in too much of a backwater.

    1. Thanks a lot. I got tied up and had to take some time off the blog, but hoping to be back now.

      We actually have a place here in Boston that does it, but that was the only other place I have ever seen it. I liked the New York version better than the Boston one.

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