tommy’s three: The best things I ate – week of July 24, 2016

Back to reality. This week was a little more ordinary compared to the past two weeks.  It's not that I didn't eat well, but there aren't twenty dishes fighting to get into the top three spots.  There were a few things that were good, but just missed out.  The most notable was a veal sausage... Continue Reading →


tommy’s three: The best things I ate – week of July 17, 2016

Another week of great food has come and gone.  Not quite as incredible as the week of July 10, but nonetheless pretty amazing.  Some really good stuff didn't make the list, including mint ice cream with Thoreos, 80 Thoreau's take on an Oreo.  Also an entire meal at Woods Hill Table, lead by their pork rillettes,... Continue Reading →

tommy’s three: The best things I ate – week of July 10, 2016

I ate a lot of great food over the past week so trying to pick just the top three is pretty tough.  I started the week making barbecue chicken thighs that turned out delicious.  On Monday, I went to Kirkland Tap and Trotter for their Celebrity "Top Dog" Series to eat a hot dog created... Continue Reading →

tommycooks – a disclaimer

Thank you for reading hungrytommy and my recipes on tommycooks.  Before you try to make any of my recipes you should be warned.  I do not generally use recipes.  I don't measure and I don't often make things the same way twice.  All of my measurements are approximations.  I apologize if there is a little... Continue Reading →

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